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Puppies. It's hard to grasp that everytime they come bursting into our life, they are just as special and uniquely their own as the last. The L’s are now just a few days over a week and are already changing. Their eyes, not yet open, have a distinction to them. You can just barely see the distinct hairs that will be their little dog eyelashes. This separation around their eyes allows them to almost… blink? It's this movement that you just know will be a blink once their eyes start to open. They can hold their heads quite dramatically now as well. Throwing it around in puppy frustration at the big handed pets we give them while they're trying to enjoy their 29th nap of the day. An overall individual strength theyre developing. Lock and Levi can really get to army crawling across the rugs when they want. Particularly when the smell of mama is close with the prospect of lunch number 6. Names are now given and my human brain is already making up ways in which their puppy personalities fit into them.

Mama is also starting to balance multitasking well. Her babies are big, fat and confident to lay around, bellies up. So with them squared away, she has decided it's time to go on walks with the other inside dogs again. Living inside with the retirees and mascots while she was still pregnant, had her on quite the schedule of enjoying our morning walks together. Once puppies were born, they were all still living inside but in those special first few days. Just the time it took for mom to go outside for the bathroom was enough time separated from her little ones for her. Now ten days later, she's reached the stage of enjoying a small time away from them to once again entertain her husky brain with the great outdoors. She told me this quite clearly when she busted down the babygate (that gave her and her pups some space from the other inside dogs when they were only days old) after hearing the noises of our traditional walk and wouldn't put up with another morning being left behind. Our dogs really like our coffee morning walks. The baby gate is now down as the other inside dogs have accepted the small noisy potatoes as future dogs, not toys, and mama knows she has asserted this to her liking. She enjoys the freedom to lay on the couch when her puppies are sleeping or to hop back in with them when they're wanting one of their many hobbit meals. She has also gracefully allowed me to now commandeer the whole bundle for movie nights with Matt and I. Oh these days will go too quick.

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