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We found honeybees visiting our property today. The different kinds of life we get to enjoy, living the way we do, is one of the many tremendous perks that will always keep us working hard and smelling the roses. A handful of our sleddies, out playing in the sun and competing for who can get the muddiest in one of our lingering snow melt puddles, found the bees. Enjoying to see the things on our land that can so capture our dogs attention, Matt walked down to a small pond we have on our property and to a small tree that borders it. A Pussy Willow Tree to be exact (yes, I did Google that before believing Matt was telling me it's real name). One of the first things in our area to have pollen each spring that these bees traveled undoubtedly far to find. Honeybees are not indigenous to Alaska and are unable to survive our long winters without additional help. Knowing this only makes their visit more entertaining as these bees have a home base that is more then likely man made on someones property nearby. Nearby, of course, being relative where we live. On particularly fun days, it's not the neighboring husky that comes wandering in, but one of our community members honeybees out to play.

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