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Eye Contact

Sled dogs can make some serious eye contact. When you're outside, it's usually quick and spur of the moment as there are always things to go explore (usually in a very immediate sense), but my goodness does it feel like they touch your soul every time.

Alaskan huskies want to stay close. No matter which of our canine kids are out with me, they're close. Running circles around me on loose walks. Helping with yard chores. Its not something you have to train. They're just that spectacular of dogs. But my favorite part of this? No matter how close they stay, they'll still check in. And I mean a full blown, dash right to you (usually involving some sort of a husky “hug”. Something some people like to train them to not do, but I personally love the gut punch as unintentional and happy as it always is.) and a multi-second eye contact lock that says all kinds of things.

Even my sweet pound puppy, who came to me after her puppy days and those important weeks of training, checks in even better than the rest. (after many months of getting past her shyness together, she is now my absolute best friend. And has even grown so confident, she can totally be a b**** when she wants. Thats my girl.) She’ll literally widen her eyes, post diaphragm punch, and make this little humming noise. Like she might just burst from pure happiness at being alive in this exact moment. Dogs make life so much better.

Photo of Floki and me last summer. Another A+ student at the looks of love. Thanks Whitney McLaren Photography for the moment.

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