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There are few places that feel as though it is where mother nature calls home.

A place where she can relax and let all of her tightly held tricks loose to play. To let those tricks burst apart and stretch across this piece of earth as they will. Worshiping vast mountains and the mighty Yukon as they war with their ice and wind; rekindle with filtered sun rays and soft mornings. A land where they can crave the dark and dance in the sun. Purring and twisting across expansive valleys that hide sweet ponds and dense forest. Spruce so thick with needles they whisper and howl to the whims of those tricks. Open tundra turned roller-coaster with swift changes to deep gulches and narrow ravines.

This place where mother nature can watch her tricks play without the need to confine them. All of it, begging your own eyes for just one more moment spent with them. Harsh in its extremes, but when you learn to move with the rhythm of those tricks, it might just be called heaven on earth. Better known as Eagle, Alaska.

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