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Copper Valley Trees

These trees. The way they hold the snow and frost has been stuck in my mind since the first time I, Elke, visited The Copper Valley outside of Glennallen years ago. When you're outside with your dogs, every trail has its own way of holding a little bit of magic. For each place and each person it's different. During a race, you're so focused on your dogs and making sure you're doing everything within your power to help your dogs to feel comfortable, happy and successful. That sometimes you miss that magic. Right here, between lake Louise and Tolsana, mother nature pulled out all the stops so I would see it. The sky was cloudless, the sun brought fire to the treetops and the breeze threw sparkling snow confetti that shimmered and danced on top of my team. Seeing these trees from my runners and not just my truck window felt exactly as I had imagined it would. Thank you, our doggies, for bringing me here.

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