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Bones. Springtime snow melt makes for a month long scavenger hunt for the dogs. Finding and digging up bones that were forgotten under this winter's snowfall. Its easy to tell who the winners are, their own little piece of real estate is littered with their bone prizes. Once those bones are found and added to each dogs trove, the summer bone fun only just begins. The cunning dogs will wait with impressive patience for their neighbor to be distracted. A quick dash and the bone is now theirs. Its finders keepers in this game. The hoarders will soon have a hard time finding a spot to sleep in their own house. The casanovas will bring their finds to that day's crush. The ones who love to play Tag, will prance through the center of the lawn with a bone in their mouth, just to encourage a game of chase. Summer is coming to interior and the games are just beginning! This photo was taken a few years ago but I cant help but to share it again. Its of Gypsy, our biggest cuddlebug, kisser, hugger and always the vets favorite during vet checks. Shes just so darn LOVABLE. Now bring the fresh bones out and she looks positively lioness.

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