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Ace. What a special dog she is.(still is, happy post ahead!) I remember in the early days of flirting with my husband, we were at the local laundromat talking about his number one lead dog. Dyea was a fresh and new up-and-comer, much like his son is now, but Matts star was Ace. He was talking about the fear of a scenario where she would have to sit a race out and Matt would have to hit the trails without her blazing them for him. He didn’t even want to think about her retirement days. Those days are here and she holds a whole new happiness for us. While she kicked butt into 2nd place sprint race this spring at the Valley Funale, she has now spent her first full year retired from the long stuff. This dog still wags her tail while she pulls. Literally. End of season fun runs this spring, I couldn’t stop staring. As most know, the working position for a sled dog has a tail that is more or less fixed position. This dog? Retirement has her wagging her tail through life. Morning walks have her sprinting around as if she's never smelt the wilds around us before in her life. As if the trees and trails on our 40 acres she has spent her life are entirely new again and MUST be explored. The couch is her new throne. One she would happily share with anyone, with the small fee of pets of course. She's always at my feet in the kitchen when i'm cooking. Claiming company but probably there for the dropped treats. While she can no longer be Matt's chosen lead for races, as time changes all things, she is his number one FAVORITE while giving tours. More excited, driven and all encompassing then the rest. Retirement looks good on you Mama Ace.

Shes even in lead on our sites home page.

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