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Matt Hall

Born and raised in bush Alaska, Matt has been riding the runners ever since he could stand. A musher through and through, home is where the dogs are.

From then to now

Born and raised in Eagle, Alaska, Matt knows more about Alaska's weather, terrain, ice and the Alaskan husky then most. Growing up, Matts parents taught him what it means to live a subsistence lifestyle alongside sled dogs in some of Alaska's harshest and most beautiful conditions. Solar panels and battery banks for electricity, wood fire stoves for heat, hauling water and fishing salmon in the Yukon. When he was just 16, he started his own kennel and 20 when he moved to Fairbanks, AK. Here he begin his racing career and created a homestead of his own with the same principles he grew up with. He since has become Yukon Quest 1,000 Champion 2017, Copper Basin 300 Champion 2016, Top 5 Iditarod 1,000 competitor of 2023, and many more. He has competed all across Alaska and will continue to do so alongside his sweetheart Elke. Racing is his passion and he has the happy canines of Silver Aces at his side, ready to take on each new challenge.

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