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Elke Hall

A Texan born Alaskan. Elke found her home in the interior of Alaska around a life of dogs. After an unsuspecting vacation mushing dogs in Minnesota, her whole life was changed, and she's never looked back since.

From then to now

Once Elke found herself in Alaska, she knew she would never leave. Her first winter was spent handling and learning from an established mushing kennel to fully understand how to feed, train and care for these exceptional athletes. It was from this kennel that she adopted Silver. A retired sled dog who was ready for a change of pace. Team runs for Silver turned into exploring the backcountry bikejoring with Elke. Exploring, learning and starting a fiery passion in Elke for winter sports. A love for the frozen outdoors. And so, Silver Songs Kennel was born. As years went by, Silver decided holding down the couch for Elke was an important job she was ready to take on and left the outdoor running for the younger dogs. Elke soon after adopted young sled dogs from other mushing kennels and began the life of having her own litters. Elke's small, one dog explorations turned into multiday, full team expeditions. Silver has since passed on but her spirit will forever continue in Elkes passion for the outdoors that she found alongside her life with Silver. 

Now Elke competes in mid-distance races alongside her honey Matt. Let the fun forever continue.

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